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Preflop Hero discount!
March, 28 2020

Hi everybody. We agreed to cooperate with guys from PreflopHero. Players from our pool can get 10% discount on the subscription by promo code “STEEL_PHOENIX”. There also will be some additional promos in future.

Main features of this service:

- Create your own charts
- Training mode
- Check your statistics

You can warm up before your session in PreflopHero or learn a new strategy while not losing the value at the tables.

You can get your questions regarding the service answered in the #preflophero channel.

New records of our pool!
February, 25 2020

Steel Phoenix have reached 600+ players, they are crushing over 1 000 000 spin'n'goes per month with more than $32 millions of Buy-ins. Fear the pool, dispersion! :)

New "Flash" Spin'n'Goes are in the pool
October, 11 2019

New mega-turbo-hyper fast format of spin'n'goes named "Flash" can be added to the playing stakes in the pool from 12/10/2019. The new spins are the same, except the starting stack (300 chips) and the time of each round (only 1 minute). Avaliable from 3s to 500s.

Back to school! PartyPoker in da Pool!
August, 28 2019

You can add your PartyPoker account to our pool from 2019/09/01. Stakes available from 3$ and up to 250$. We have an affiliate program to give you additional rakeback and some rake races are planned in the future.

250$ stake is now in the list of the "Steel Phoenix" playing stakes
March, 31 2019

All the active 100s players have an ability to add 250s from 31/03/2019. Contact admin, please and good luck out there, guys! :)

250$ stake and new structure on 3s by Pokerstars
March, 28 2019

The brand new stake appeared on PS today - 250$. It's the interesting news for those regs of 100s who is dreaming about 500s but has no enough roll for them. The rake is the same, 5%. Whether they would be in the pool or not, it's a question to discuss.
Lower stakes has some news too. The structure was changed on 3s: x4 are replaced by x3 and x6 are replaced with x5. The frequences are changet too, so the rake stays the same 8% as before. But the variance will be a slightly lower now. We'll see if PS will spread such a structure on other stakes.

New rules from Pokerstars
March, 04 2019

The new Pokerstars rules came into effect today. Some of features of spreadly used software are now prohibited, including the usage of Nash equlibrium charts during play.
You need to update all the poker software (hand2note, HM2, PT4, StarsHelper, StarsCaption, etc) to the latest versions in order not to violate the rules of Pokerstars.
You also need to check your HUDs (especially in PT4) if they have popups with Nash charts and delete those.
We don't recommend to use any kind of charts on your computer while playing.

New affiliate system in Steel Phoenix
January, 18 2019

We're happy to offer our affiliate program! Every affiliated player gets a fee-free month in our pool!
An affiliate gets:
-10% from all his affiliated players' fees, if there are up to 5 affiliated players;
-15% from all his affiliated players' fees, if there are from 6 to 29 affiliated players;
-20% from all his affiliated players' fees, if there are more than 30 affiliated players. Goodbye, swings! :)

Choose the custom percentage of jackpots in the pool
January, 18 2019

Players of Steel Phoenix now have an option to choose the percentage of jackpot's prizepool (x120, x240) which goes into the ev pool. You can choose from 0% to 100% (integer). The bigger percentage - the bigger EV you get from every single tournament, but less actual money you get when you win or loose the jackpot tournament.

The EV calculator on our webpage is updated. You may try different variants and see your EV. If you choose 100%, all the prizepool from the jackpot will go into the pool. By default, we have: x120 - 80%, x240 - 70%.

Pokerstars adds 5$ and 25$ limits with 1$ million top prize
January 05, 2019

There are new special limits on 5$ and 25$. Each of them has a new prize probability, 1 million top jackpot and higher rake: 8% for 5$ and 7% for 25$.
The same limits on will have now the same top prize of 1 million and higher rake - 8%. Now players will need to have 8.5 more ev chips from tourney on 5s to make the same money as with the old rake. And 6.5 chips more for 25s.
Limits are already in the pool and are added to our EV calculator too. To declare new limits on - write to admin, please.

The pool is opened for English-speaking players from 2018/12/21!
December 20, 2018

We are excited to inform, that we are now ready to accept the players from all over the world!
Our pool is now the biggest opened spin'n'go pool and we want to make it even bigger in order to say bye-bye to any swings :)
To make a request, just fill in the form on the site and we'll contact you.

Hand2Note Huds' special prices for the members of the pool!
December 07, 2018

We are making a partnership with the creators of the most advanced HUD for Hand2Note (SpinCoin).
The new Discord channel is created where you may ask questions related to Huds or Hand2Note. Also we are working about special HUD for Steel Phoenix players.

You may buy such a HUDs at this prices (only for Steel Phoenix players):

3$ - 25$ (regular price - 30$)
7$ - 55$ (regular price - 60$)
15$ - 75$ (regular price - 85$)
30$ - 95$ (regular price - 110$)
Unlim - 115$ (regular price - 135$)

SmartGo Hud
3$ - 21$ (regular price - 25$)
7$ - 45$ (regular price - 50$)
15$ - 60$ (regular price - 70$)
30$ - 75$ (regular price - 90$)
Unlim - 90$ (regular price - 110$)

3$ - 16$ (regular price - 20$)
7$ - 35$ (regular price - 40$)
25$ - 50$ (regular price - 60$)
35$ - 70$ (regular price - 80$)
75$ - 95$ (regular price - 110$)
100$ - 110$ (regular price - 130$)
UNLIM - 135$ (regular price - 160$)

If you want to buy HUD - write admin

Also SP will make a giveway of 3 HUDs for every of the limit: 3s, 7s, 15s. You should earn the biggest EV profit in the period from 2018/12/21 to 2019/01/20 to win the prize.

The new powerful server is ready to go!
December 06, 2018

We are glad to inform, that our new server is ready to work!

The new machine is very powerful to solve any task in the poker software like Simple Postflop and others.

Main characteristics:

Processor: Intel Xeon Gold 6130 2.10 GHz (2 processors with 16 cores each)
RAM: 768 GB.

There will be all the popular software on the server:

Simple GTO Trainer
HoldemResources Calculator

Every member of the SP pool has the right to use the server.
To get access - contact admins, please.

Steel Phoenix offer "EV Deal" - coefficient insurance
November 22, 2018

SP provides EV Deal from 2018/11/21. It will cover the pool coefficient of -0,3%. ***Update on march 2019: The new coeff is -0.25 now.*** Total SP coef this year is -0,331% and it goes to -0.3%.

EV Deal cost (monthly, in addition to the pool price):

1 - 0,5$
3 - 2$
7 - 5$
15 - 11$
30 - 27$
60 - 72$
100 - 150$

2 - 1 €
5 - 3 €
10 - 7 €
25 - 23 €
50 - 60 €
100 - 150 €