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To become a member of our team, you should be a winning player in spin'n'go tournaments on your stakes. Poker rooms: (eu), (fr, it, ro, bg),
Allowed stakes: 3$+ and 2€+ on
Minimal chip/ev requirements for every stake are mentioned below.

If you want to become a part of Steel Phoenix community, press "Submit a request" button and fill in the form.
Our managers will contact you and provide additional information.

You may enter the pool and you may declare an exit any day of the month but your exit will take effect only from the next 21th date of the month after your request was done.

Player shouldn't be a member of any other EV pool or EV deal (EV insurance) during his membership in Steel Phoenix. Player shouldn't have any kind of debt to other poker structures.

1. Every member pays every period (21 - 20s dates of each month) regardless of playing stake and result.

2. The price is fixed and is connected to buy-in (BI)

3. Price:
1$ - 3$ (3 BI)
2$ - 5$ (2.5 BI)
3$ - 7$ (2.33 BI)
5$ - 11$ (2.2 BI)
7$ - 15$ (2.15 BI)
10$ - 20$ (2 BI)
15$ - 30$ (2 BI)
25$ - 40$ (1.6 BI)
30$ - 50$ (1.67 BI)
40$ - 60$ (1.5 BI)
50$ - 65$ (1.3 BI)
60$ - 75$ (1.25 BI)
100$ - 100$ (1 BI)
250$ - 200$ (0.8 BI)
500$ - 300$ (0.6 BI)
1€ - 3€ (3 BI)
2€ - 5€ (2.5 BI)
5€ - 11€ (2.2 BI)
10€ - 20€ (2 BI)
25€ - 40€ (1.6 BI)
50€ - 65€ (1.3 BI)
100€ - 100€ (1 BI)
250€ - 200€ (0.8 BI)

3$ - 7$ (2.33 BI)
5$ - 11$ (2.2 BI)
10$ - 20$ (2 BI)
20$ - 32$ (1.6 BI)
50$ - 65$ (1.3 BI)
100$ - 100$ (1 BI)
250$ - 200$ (0.8 BI)
500$ - 300$ (0.6 BI)
* currency rate is taken from and is updated every month.
4. Payment is charged post factum, when the current period is over.

5. The price is calculated with the highest declared stake which has one or more tournaments played on.
Example: you declared 7 and 15 stakes. You've played 1.5k 7's and no 15's at all. You will pay the price for 7's - 15$ (2.15 BI).
If you've played at least 1 15's, the price will be - 30$ (2 BI).

All the profit excluding rakeback
70% from top2 (х240) multiplier
80% from top3 (х120) multiplier.

All the prize from top1 (x10k) goes to player. *PartyPoker players have 100%/100% of multipliers in the pool by default.
The other part of profit from the top 2-3 multipliers and all the prize from the top1 (x10k) goes to player. It is deducted from the actual profit during calculations of the pool.

From 21/01/2019 players have an option to choose the percentage of jackpot's prizepool (x120, x240), which goes into the ev pool. You can choose from 0% to 100% (integer). The bigger percentage - the bigger EV you get from every single tournament, but less net profit you get when you win or loose the jackpot tournament.
You may try different variants and see your EV in the calculator below. If you choose 100%, all the prizepool from the jackpot will go into the pool. By default, we have: x120 - 80%, x240 - 70%. The first time change is free,each next will cost 0,5 BI. All the changes take effect from the next period.

** PartyPoker players can be calculated in the pool only based on results from the official EV report of PartyPoker.

The required chip/ev to earn 0 $EV in pool: 1s: 46.64; 3s: 46.64; 7s: 40.72; 15s: 34.94; 30s: 34.94; 60s: 29.28; 100s: 29.28;

EV Calculator

From the 21's date of the current month till 20's date of the next month (including).
Player can enter the pool any day of the period. Player has to declare the exit out of pool before the end of the period and will be out of pool since the first day of the new period.

Time left till the end of the current period:

We are looking for the EV chips from Holdem Manager 2 to calculate player's $EV.

All the actual profit from the pool is cumulated and then divided between the players with such a method:

Total evROI of the pool is calculated (EV ROI = EV profit / BI Summ * 100. BI Summ = number of tournaments (distance) * stake).
Total ROI of the pool is calculated (ROI = actual profit / BI Summ * 100).
Difference between the ROI and evROI is calculated (ROI - EVROI) - deviation coefficient.

evROI of each player is calculated.

Player's evROI is increased/decreased by ROI deviation coefficient .
This "new evROI" gives us the new $EV.
The difference between player's $EV and actual profit will be the sum to recieve\send from or into the pool.

Minimal chip/ev by the stakes:
$3 - 50 chip/ev
$7 - 47 chip/ev
$15 - 40 chip/ev
$30 - 40 chip/ev
$60 - 35 chip/ev
$100 - 35 chip/ev

If player's results are worser in the distance of 2500+, his last results are checked.
If he has showed the better results over the last 5k+ tournaments (5+ chips), he is given the additional 2500 tournaments to play on the stake and then the overall results are checked.
If the results are still worser than it should be, the player should go to the lower stake where he gets another 2500 tournaments to show his results.

Every pool member has to read #announcements channel. All the important changes regarding the pool are declared there.

Steel Phoenix Organizing Committee is elected every year. It was created to make some important decisions regarding the processes in the pool.

Members of the Organizing Committee:


All the changes are accepted with voting.